Episode 031

Harnessing the Power of AI to Assist Transitioning Veterans w John Renken

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Show Summary

In this episode, Kevin Dunlap interviews John Renken about his work in helping military personnel transition to civilian jobs, highlighting programs like SkillBridge and the role of AI tools like ChatGPT in resume crafting. They also discuss the rapid advancement of technology and its impact on veterans’ reintegration into civilian life.  Learn more about how you or someone you know can make the transition from military life to life as a civilian.

Show Notes

  • Kevin Dunlap welcomes listeners and introduces John Renken, a referral from Sean Douglas, mentioning a previous episode.
  • John explains his role in helping military personnel transition to civilian jobs, emphasizing the inadequacy of job offers to veterans.
  • Kevin shares his own military background and acknowledges the challenges veterans face when transitioning to civilian life.
  • John describes the SkillBridge program (https://www.mysalesplatoon.com/), which offers free training to veterans and transitioning military personnel to help them secure better-paying jobs.
  • Kevin reminisces about the lack of support for veterans during his time and the challenges of reintegrating into civilian life post-military service.
  • John humorously recounts his resume struggles after leaving the military, highlighting the gap in civilian understanding of military experience.
  • Kevin and John discuss the usefulness of AI tools like ChatGPT in translating military experience into civilian job skills and crafting resumes.
  • Both discuss the versatility of AI in various tasks, from writing resumes to creating business plans and restaurant menus.
  • Kevin shares his experiences using ChatGPT for blogging, job applications, and business coaching, emphasizing the importance of prompt specificity in AI interactions.
  • The conversation shifts to the future of AI and robotics, with references to sci-fi movies and how these once-fictional concepts are now becoming reality.
  • John mentions Elon Musk’s upcoming household robots, emphasizing how rapidly technology is advancing and becoming accessible to the public.
  • Kevin reflects on how sci-fi shows like “Star Trek” predicted many technological advancements we see today, such as cell phones and remote scanning devices.
  • John provides his social media handles for listeners to follow his work and updates: Twitter (@JohnRenken), LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnrenken/), and Instagram (@john_renken).

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The Business Amplified podcast with host Kevin A Dunlap interviews John Renken.

Guest Bio

John Renken is a dedicated advocate for veterans, specializing in assisting military personnel transition smoothly into civilian careers. Drawing from his own experience in the military, John understands the unique challenges veterans face when re-entering the civilian workforce. Currently, he runs the SkillBridge program (https://www.mysalesplatoon.com/), which provides comprehensive sales training to veterans and transitioning military members, helping them secure jobs with salaries significantly higher than the average $20 per hour often offered to them. His mission is to bridge the gap between military and civilian employment, ensuring that the skills and leadership qualities developed during service are recognized and valued in the business world.

John’s journey began with his own military service in the 1990s, where he experienced firsthand the difficulties of transitioning to civilian life. After his military tenure, he pursued a career in sales, where he excelled but always felt a strong pull to support his fellow veterans. This passion led him to Fort Campbell, Kentucky, where he was invited to start a SkillBridge program. Despite the daunting bureaucracy and red tape, John was determined to make a difference. His program is now a vital resource for veterans, offering free training and connecting them with lucrative job opportunities in sales and business.

A strong proponent of leveraging modern technology, John utilizes AI tools like ChatGPT to assist veterans in translating their military experience into civilian job skills. This innovative approach has revolutionized the way veterans craft their resumes and present their qualifications to potential employers. John is also an entrepreneur at heart, having developed business plans and marketing strategies using AI for various ventures, including his own mead brand. Through his work, John Renken continues to empower veterans, ensuring they receive the recognition and opportunities they deserve in the civilian workforce.

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