Episode 027

Navigating Business Challenges: Conversations with Peter Christian

Unveiling Entrepreneurial Journeys of Visionaries Scaling to New Heights in Business

Welcome to the Business Amplified Podcast

The purpose of the Business Amplified podcast is to speak with other entrepreneurial guests on their journey of gaining more exposure and thereby drastically increasing their bottom line. We feel that an entrepreneur (regardless if you are brand new or been in business for years) must start doing things differently and more in the public eye in order for people to know who they are and that is where greater successes occur. 

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This show is sponsored by Optimal Performance Academy.  They are a business coaching and educational company designed to assist entrepreneurs on their epic journey through building a successful business.  

Show Summary

In this insightful episode, hosts Kevin Dunlap and guest Peter Christian dive into effective content creation strategies, emphasizing reflection, clarity, and audience understanding. They discuss overcoming communication challenges, consulting pitfalls, and the importance of commitment and accountability in achieving success. With practical advice and real-world examples, they offer valuable insights for both aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals alike.

Show Notes

  • Kevin Dunlap and Peter Christian discuss content creation strategies, emphasizing reflection on personal experiences and simplifying language for effective communication.
  • Peter highlights the value of thorough editing in content creation, drawing parallels between writing and project management, and underscores the importance of clarity and understanding for the audience.
  • Peter shares insights into overcoming communication challenges, stressing the importance of ensuring understanding and agreement in conversations.
  • Peter discusses consulting challenges, including client resistance to change and reluctance to implement recommended solutions.
  • Kevin introduces the Spiral Revenue Model, illustrating how solutions to problems often lead to new challenges, emphasizing the need for ongoing adaptation and problem-solving.
  • Peter provides multiple ways for listeners to connect with him, including his LinkedIn profile, website (phcpublicationsllc.com), and email address (phchristian53@gmail.com).
  • Kevin invites listeners to recommend potential guests for the podcast or express interest in being a guest themselves, directing them to the website for pre-interview inquiries.
  • Peter emphasizes the importance of commitment, action, and accountability in achieving success, encouraging listeners to seek the right advice, take action, and have someone hold them accountable.
  • Kevin and Peter stress the need for proper implementation of solutions and advice, highlighting the importance of taking action and following through on recommendations.
  • Peter underscores the significance of identifying and addressing root causes rather than just symptoms, advocating for targeted problem-solving for sustainable results.

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The Business Amplified podcast with host Kevin A Dunlap interviews Peter Christian

Guest Bio

Peter H. Christian brings over 40 years of extensive experience in business consulting and executive leadership to the table. As the founding partner and president of ESPI, a renowned consulting firm in Northeastern PA, he has spearheaded projects for over 300 clients, focusing on areas such as business development, profit enhancement, and operational efficiency. Prior to this, Peter held executive positions at Crayola Corporation, where he honed his expertise in strategic planning, continuous improvement, and supply chain management.

Throughout his illustrious career, Peter has been instrumental in helping companies achieve substantial cost reductions and profit enhancements, leading to the creation and retention of thousands of jobs. His contributions extend beyond consulting, as he is also an accomplished author with two Amazon bestselling business books to his name: “What About the Vermin Problem?” and “Influences and Influencers.” With a track record of success and a reputation for delivering results, Peter is a sought-after expert in the field, regularly contributing to professional magazines and publications.

To connect with Peter and tap into his wealth of knowledge and experience, visit his website at www.phcpublicationsllc.com. There, you can explore his offerings, including webinars, books, and consulting services aimed at empowering businesses to achieve their full potential. Whether it’s strategic planning, project management, or business improvement, Peter’s insights and guidance are invaluable assets for any organization looking to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

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