Episode 024

Navigating Business Growth: Insights from Alan Lazaros

Unveiling Entrepreneurial Journeys of Visionaries Scaling to New Heights in Business

Welcome to the Business Amplified Podcast

The purpose of the Business Amplified podcast is to speak with other entrepreneurial guests on their journey of gaining more exposure and thereby drastically increasing their bottom line. We feel that an entrepreneur (regardless if you are brand new or been in business for years) must start doing things differently and more in the public eye in order for people to know who they are and that is where greater successes occur. 

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This show is sponsored by Optimal Performance Academy.  They are a business coaching and educational company designed to assist entrepreneurs on their epic journey through building a successful business.  

Show Summary

In this episode, hosts Kevin Dunlap and guest Alan Lazaros delve into the crucial elements of success, exploring sacrifice, struggle, and aligning personal and business goals. Lazaros shares the transformative “3D Plan,” advocating for the deletion of non-contributing activities, delegation, and strategic life design.

Show Notes

  • Kevin Dunlap and Alan Lazaros discuss sacrifices for success, citing Elon Musk and Richard Branson as examples.
  • Alan Lazaros introduces the “5 S’s of Success” from his blog, emphasizing sacrifice, struggle, suffering, success, and sustained effort. (LinkedIn: Alan Lazaros)
  • The discussion explores aligning personal and business goals, emphasizing sacrifices and challenges for long-term success.
  • Alan Lazaros shares insights on the “3D Plan” for growth: delete non-contributing activities, delegate tasks, and design life around essential priorities.
  • Embracing life’s challenges and adversity is crucial for growth and transformation, emphasizing self-belief and empowering attitudes.
  • Kevin Dunlap shares a Navy story, illustrating how reframing challenges leads to unexpected opportunities and personal growth.
  • Alan Lazaros invites listeners to connect for holistic self-improvement or business coaching through Next Level University. (Podcast: Next Level University)
  • The Next Level Universe website offers a holistic platform for growth, encompassing health, wealth, and love.
  • Alan Lazaros recommends the book “Essentialism” by Gregory McKeon for understanding priorities.
  • The show concludes with gratitude, encouraging listeners to explore Next Level University. https://www.nextleveluniverse.com/

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The Business Amplified podcast with host Kevin A Dunlap interviews Alan Lazaros

Guest Bio

Alan Lazaros stands as a prominent figure in the entrepreneurial landscape, shaping destinies through his impactful insights. At the helm of the Next Level University podcast, Lazaros draws from his own journey and influential books like “Essentialism” by Gregory McKeon to guide listeners on a transformative path. Encouraging intentional living, he illuminates the significance of sacrifice, struggle, and strategic design for aspiring business leaders.

As the visionary founder of Next Level Universe, Lazaros extends his expertise to the virtual realm, aiding entrepreneurs in navigating the complexities of online business growth. Through https://www.nextleveluniverse.com/, he provides a gateway to holistic self-improvement, encapsulating health, wealth, and love. With Alan Lazaros as your mentor, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge that goes beyond conventional boundaries, unlocking the secrets to personal and professional excellence.

For those eager to embark on a transformative journey with Alan Lazaros, every challenge becomes an opportunity, and every step forward is a deliberate move towards a brighter, more accomplished future. Connect with Alan at Next Level University via his website, https://NextLevelUniverse.com,  and discover the transformative power of his insights in shaping a holistic and successful life.

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