Episode 018

Strategic Outsourcing Insights: An Entrepreneurial Journey w/ Lyubo Kuchuk

Unveiling Entrepreneurial Journeys of Visionaries Scaling to New Heights in Business

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Show Summary

In this episode, Kevin Dunlap interviews Lyubo, an Italian entrepreneur living in Australia, exploring the dynamics of outsourcing and delegation in business. Lyubo shares insights on leveraging remote workers, focusing on strengths, and harnessing AI tools, providing a valuable perspective on optimizing business efficiency.

Show Notes

  • Kevin Dunlap interviews Lyubo, an entrepreneur residing in Australia, discussing outsourcing and delegation in business tasks.
  • Lyubo shares insights on hiring remote workers for tasks entrepreneurs may not enjoy, like lead generation and social media postings.
  • Lyubo suggests hiring Virtual Assistants to do podcast editing, managing guests, booking guests, and organizing podcast social media promotions. 
  • Kevin highlights the challenge of entrepreneurs wearing many hats and recommends outsourcing to focus on high-impact activities.
  • Lyubo mentions a packaging company hiring virtual sales reps and the importance of having cost effective experts in sales and social media management.
  • Kevin recommends the book “E-Myth Revisited,” emphasizing the challenges experts face starting their own businesses.
  • Lyubo stresses the need for entrepreneurs to focus on their strengths and hire experts for other business roles.
  • In closing, Lyubo provides his contact details for those interested in working with him, including his LinkedIn profile and email address: lyubo@remostaff.com.
  • Contact Info: Lyubo’s LinkedIn profile – https://www.linkedin.com/in/lyubomir-kuchuk/ Lyubo’s email – lyubo@remostaff.com.  Website: remostaff.com.

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The Business Amplified podcast with host Kevin A Dunlap interviews Lyubo Kuchuk.

Guest Bio

Lyubo, a seasoned Efficiency and Outsourcing Expert, boasts over 20 years of distinguished experience, having held C-level roles at major global players such as Mars, Burger King, and DHL. His professional journey spans various continents, marked by the successful launch of multiple branches and call centers, overseeing 700+ agents for renowned brands in Eastern Europe and Asia. Today, as the visionary founder of RemoStaff, Lyubo is dedicated to bringing about transformative change by providing individuals and businesses with newfound time and freedom through strategic outsourcing solutions.

In his extensive career, Lyubo has demonstrated a profound commitment to operational excellence, leveraging his expertise to optimize processes and enhance productivity. His insights into the dynamics of international business, gained through hands-on experience, uniquely position him as a valuable resource for entrepreneurs and businesses seeking to navigate the complexities of outsourcing.

To tap into Lyubo’s wealth of knowledge or explore collaboration opportunities with RemoStaff, connect with him on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/lyubomir-kuchuk/ or reach out directly via email at lyubo@remostaff.com. Discover more about RemoStaff‘s innovative outsourcing solutions and how they can benefit your business by visiting https://remostaff.com/.


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