Episode 017

Navigating Business and Sobriety: A Transformational Tale w/ Duncan Bhaskaran Brown

Unveiling Entrepreneurial Journeys of Visionaries Scaling to New Heights in Business

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Show Summary

In this episode, the host explores into the challenges of building a business, emphasizing that these obstacles, whether in business or personal growth, are essential markers of progress. The guest, Duncan Bhaskaran Brown, shares insights on sobriety, the importance of realizing self-worth, and offers support through his books, Real Men Quit and Get Overindulgence, encouraging listeners to connect on various social media platforms for continued discussions and assistance.

Show Notes

  • Challenges in building a business are inevitable, and they grow in size and complexity over time, signaling progress and the right direction.
  • Success in business and personal growth involves seeking out and embracing bigger challenges, making the journey more exciting and fulfilling.
  • The podcast reflects on the host’s experience running a real estate consultation business in Las Vegas, highlighting the importance of shifting mindset and being grateful for the opportunities that come with being busy.
  • Overcoming challenges and obstacles is integral to finding worth and fulfillment in life, with business thriving on such experiences.
  • Duncan emphasizes the significance of realizing self-worth and understanding that everything needed for a happy life is already within, extending this sentiment to running a successful business.
  • The discussion extends to Duncan’s work in sobriety, urging people to connect through various platforms, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, offering support for those struggling with alcohol-related issues.
  • Duncan shares insights on the challenges of creating YouTube content, emphasizing the importance of embracing imperfections and taking action, whether in content creation, sobriety, or business.
  • The conversation concludes with a call to action for those with a message to share, inviting individuals to contact the show for a pre-interview discussion.
  • Duncan’s books, “Real Men Quit” and “Get Overindulgence”, are highlighted, offering resources for those interested in sobriety and personal growth.
  • The show notes provide Duncan’s website, https://realmenquit.uk, and encourage listeners to connect with him on various social media platforms for further discussions and support.

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Duncan Bhaskaran Brown.

Guest Bio

Duncan Bhaskaran Brown, hailing from Oxford, UK, is no stranger to the world of excess, having consumed everything from wine to brandy over a 20-year span. However, his journey took a transformative turn as he not only cleaned up his act but went on to train with the world’s most successful stop-smoking clinic. Armed with an education from Cornell University and the Chartered Management Institute, he embarked on a mission that transcended traditional boundaries, including a stint in a windowless room in Peterborough.

Author of Real Men Quit, a guide to conquering alcohol addiction, Duncan’s pursuits didn’t stop there. He dove into sober advocacy, interviewing sober superstars and conducting research projects, even if it meant watching TV. Yet, the quest for enough continued. Duncan envisions a world where alcohol-free living is the norm, where sobriety is celebrated, and alcohol no longer wreaks havoc on lives. As he continues his mission, Duncan invites you to explore the realms of business, sobriety, and self-improvement through engaging conversations on his platform.

Discover more about Duncan Bhaskaran Brown, his journey, and his impactful work at www.GetOver.uk and www.realMen.quit. Join the conversation and explore his insightful books as Duncan strives to make sober living the default and alcohol’s destructive impact a thing of the past. Embrace a new perspective with Duncan and envision a world where mint tea and a sci-fi novel are all you need to unwind.

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