Episode 010

Beyond Finances: Navigating Retirement with Milan Schwarzkopf

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Show Summary

In this episode of “Business Amplified,” host Kevin Dunlap engages with guest Milan Schwarzkopf, a retirement coach from Prague, Czech Republic. Milan underscores the importance of comprehensive retirement planning, addressing financial, health, relationship, and life purpose aspects, offering valuable insights and emphasizing the need for early and well-rounded preparation for a fulfilling retirement.

Show Notes

  • Milan Schwarzkopf, a retirement coach from Prague, Czech Republic, emphasizes the importance of retirement preparation.
  • Milan highlights the misconception that many people think they are prepared for retirement but often are not.
  • Milan encourages individuals to consider the multiple facets of retirement, including finance, health, relationships, and life purpose.
  • The guest emphasizes the need for a comprehensive approach to retirement planning, not just focusing on financial aspects.
  • Milan shares insights on the challenges faced by individuals who start retirement planning late, including the necessity to take higher risks.
  • The guest emphasizes the significance of working with professionals such as financial advisors to navigate retirement investments effectively.
  • Milan discusses the limitations of relying solely on government-backed retirement plans and the importance of individual initiative in retirement savings.
  • The conversation touches on the broader concept of life purpose in retirement and the potential pitfalls of losing one’s sense of purpose.
  • Milan shares personal experiences and challenges, including health issues and relationship struggles during his own retirement journey.
  • The guest advises listeners to take small steps towards retirement preparation and continually improve their approach over time.

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Milan Schwarzkopf

Guest Bio

Milan, a seasoned senior project manager hailing from Prague, Czech Republic, brings over 30 years of expertise in managing international and global projects, primarily in IT and banking sectors. Recognizing the critical importance of retirement preparation, Milan transitioned from an employee to a contractor, obtaining both a Sole Trader license and establishing a limited company. With a background in finance and an MBA, Milan emphasizes the significance of starting retirement planning at least 15 to 20 years in advance.

Drawing from personal experiences, Milan’s book, “Living Your Best Act: How to be Healthy, Wealthy, and Happy in Your Retirement,” serves as a comprehensive guide to navigating the various pillars of retirement, encompassing finance, health, relationships, and life purpose. The book aims to fill a gap in literature by offering practical insights and advice based on Milan’s own journey. For those seeking further guidance or wishing to engage with Milan, visit his website at www.thirdactresources.com. There, individuals can find valuable resources, take a retirement preparation quiz, and stay informed about the book’s launch. Milan’s commitment extends beyond financial planning, emphasizing a holistic approach to retirement for a fulfilling and purposeful life post-career.

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