Episode 008

Building Abundance – Entrepreneurial Insights with Nancy White

Unveiling Entrepreneurial Journeys of Visionaries Scaling to New Heights in Business

Welcome to the Business Amplified Podcast

The purpose of the Business Amplified podcast is to speak with other entrepreneurial guests on their journey of gaining more exposure and thereby drastically increasing their bottom line. We feel that an entrepreneur (regardless if you are brand new or been in business for years) must start doing things differently and more in the public eye in order for people to know who they are and that is where greater successes occur. 

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This show is sponsored by Optimal Performance Academy.  They are a business coaching and educational company designed to assist entrepreneurs on their epic journey through building a successful business.  

Show Summary

Today’s conversation dives into fostering an abundance mindset, embracing entrepreneurship for its freedom, and the importance of diversifying income streams. The speaker highlights the value of saying ‘yes’ to opportunities, continuous learning, and perpetually serving others while encouraging listeners to seize the moment and take risks.

Show Notes

  • Kevin Dunlap welcomes Nancy White to the Business Amplified podcast, expressing gratitude for her presence.
  • Nancy White shares her entrepreneurial journey, emphasizing the continuous learning process and the shift from Corporate America to entrepreneurship.
  • Nancy highlights the importance of networking, drawing on her 20-year experience leading networking groups and being a platinum member of Ewen Network.
  • Both Kevin and Nancy discuss the significance of connecting with like-minded individuals, forming accountability partnerships, and the positive impact of networking events.
  • Nancy talks about her passion for health and wellness, driven by personal experiences with family members battling blood cancers.
  • Nancy mentions her involvement in promoting healthy lifestyles, helping cancer thrivers, and hosting a TV show on Win Win Women TV.
  • The conversation delves into the challenges clients face in adopting healthier lifestyles, emphasizing the need for self-assessment and making gradual changes.
  • Reverse engineering is discussed as a method to help clients set goals, make adjustments, and celebrate achievements in their health journey.
  • Nancy and Kevin explore the mindset shift needed for sustained health, focusing on building and maintaining muscle, balanced nutrition, and the importance of glucose and anti-inflammatory foods.
  • The discussion extends to the challenges faced in entrepreneurship, with Nancy sharing insights into seeking help, collaborating, and building a team of valuable resources, including virtual assistants.
  • We also discussed a shift from scarcity to abundance, highlighting the value of being open to giving and receiving for personal success and contributing positively to the universe.
  • Lastly, we shared personal experiences on the freedom and flexibility of entrepreneurship, emphasizing the ability to choose work locations and take breaks. Emphasize the continuous learning and evolving nature of the entrepreneurial journey.
  • Direct listeners to Nancy’s website, “thehealthysaleschick.com,” where they can schedule a 20-minute chat and explore more about her services and insights.

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Nancy White

Guest Bio

Nancy, known as the Healthy Sales Chick, shares her wealth of entrepreneurial wisdom on Business Amplified. Through her diverse experiences, she emphasizes the importance of having multiple income streams and the continual pursuit of learning. Nancy’s passion for serving others shines as she encourages individuals to step out of their comfort zones, fostering relationships and sharing her expertise to uplift and inspire. Her entrepreneurial journey, marked by successes and the willingness to embrace new opportunities, is a testament to her commitment to personal growth and helping others thrive.

As a walking encyclopedia and four-time author, Nancy’s entrepreneurial spirit extends beyond the business realm. Her journey teaches us to be open-minded, continuously learn, and embrace the freedom that comes with entrepreneurship. Nancy’s insights remind us that success is not confined to a single path, and by staying open to new possibilities, we can create a fulfilling and impactful entrepreneurial experience.

Her passion for serving others shines as she uplifts and inspires. As the founder of The Healthy Sales Chick, Nancy extends her expertise beyond business, teaching us to be open-minded and embrace the freedom of entrepreneurship. Discover more about her and schedule a chat at www.thehealthysaleschick.com.

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