Episode 007

From Trauma to Triumph: Resilience Unveiled with Kyle Goodknight

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Show Summary

Explore the transformative journey of Kyle Goodnight, a former first responder and voice-over artist, as he shares his challenges, triumphs, and the profound impact of resilience in his life. From battling procrastination to building a course on resilience, Kyle’s inspiring narrative unfolds, offering valuable insights for anyone facing life’s struggles.

Show Notes

  • Kyle Goodnight, a paramedic for over 26 years, shares his diverse background in healthcare and other roles.
  • Kyle entered the voiceover acting industry six years ago, achieving milestones like a national commercial and involvement in e-learning projects.
  • With a background in EMS and voiceover, Kyle is creating a new business targeting First Responders, aiming to address mental health and promote resilience.
  • Kyle discusses personal struggles with post-traumatic stress incident (PTSI) and the importance of seeking help.
  • His commitment to educating and assisting others in similar situations is evident in his upcoming book projects.
  • The podcast “Elevate,” initially focused on personal development, is being rebranded as the “First Responder Resilience Podcast.”
  • Kyle emphasizes the high stress levels among First Responders and the need to provide tools for mental well-being.
  • He discusses the impact of his voiceover training on enhancing his public speaking skills for future endeavors.
  • Kyle’s goal is to make a positive impact on the lives of First Responders and raise awareness about mental health in the field.
  • Kyle can be found at KyleGoodknight.com

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Kyle Goodknight

Guest Bio

Kyle Goodknight, founder of Resilience Path, is a seasoned first responder turned entrepreneur, dedicating his expertise to support those in high-stress professions. With a background in emergency services, Kyle recognized the critical need for resilience training and embarked on a mission to empower first responders, police, fire, EMS, and others with essential coping mechanisms. His journey unfolds in insightful conversations on the podcast hosted by Kevin A. Dunlap, shedding light on challenges, triumphs, and the evolution of his new venture.

Resilience Path, Kyle’s brainchild, offers a comprehensive course titled “Carry the Weight, Find the Balance,” providing invaluable tools for managing stress and building resilience. Through his engaging discussions with Kevin, Kyle shares personal anecdotes, emphasizing the significance of finding balance in demanding professions. To delve deeper into Kyle Perkins’ transformative experiences and resilience training, visit his website at www.resiliencepath.com. Join the conversation on navigating life’s challenges and emerging stronger through Resilience Path’s empowering resources.

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