Episode 004

Empowering Entrepreneurs: Unveiling the Journey with Shanda Kohtz

Unveiling Entrepreneurial Journeys of Visionaries Scaling to New Heights in Business

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Show Summary

In this episode of “Business Amplified,” host Kevin engages in a dynamic conversation with Shanda Kohtz, an experienced educator, coach, and entrepreneur. Together, they explore the challenges faced by teachers and nurses, discuss the importance of finding passion in work, and share valuable insights on maintaining balance and consistency in both personal and professional life.

Show Notes

  • Shanda Kohtz, a high-ticket exit strategy coach, shares insights on her journey and passion for teaching and coaching.
  • With 24 years of experience as an educator, Shanda focuses on supporting those experiencing burnout, stress, and anxiety, especially nurses and teachers.
  • Shanda emphasizes the importance of consistency and the power of connections in her professional life.
  • Discussing the challenges of name pronunciation, Shanda highlights her background in teaching middle school English and coaching sports.
  • Shanda’s transition from teaching to coaching individuals looking to exit their professions is a key topic of the conversation.
  • The discussion touches on the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship, including finding a balance between work and self-care.
  • Shanda recommends activities like playing pickleball and getting regular massages for self-care.
  • Consistency in business activities and regularly revisiting the “why” behind one’s actions are highlighted as essential for success.
  • Shanda’s contact information: LinkedIn (Shanda Kohtz) and email (info@goodwatergoodlife.com).
  • Visit Shanda’s website at www.goodwatergoodlife.com to learn more about her coaching services and her water business.

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Shanda Kohtz

Guest Bio

Shanda Kohtz, a seasoned educator with 24 years of experience, is a passionate high-ticket exit strategy coach at Good Water Good Life LLC. Throughout her extensive career, Shanda has served as a seventh and eighth-grade English teacher for 15 years, followed by 14 years of coaching in volleyball, basketball, and track. Recognizing the challenges faced by individuals experiencing burnout and stress, particularly in the nursing and teaching professions, Shanda has transitioned her focus to helping them navigate career shifts. Her commitment to providing stepping stones for professionals ready to exit and guiding them toward fulfilling alternatives reflects her dedication to facilitating positive life changes.

Beyond her coaching endeavors, Shanda is a businesswoman with a venture called Good Water Good Life, emphasizing the importance of self-care through hydration. She advocates for consistent self-care routines, incorporating activities like pickleball, massages, and other enjoyable forms of exercise. Shanda’s consistency, both in her coaching practice and personal routines, underscores her belief in the transformative power of deliberate, purposeful actions for a balanced and fulfilling life. Connect with Shanda on LinkedIn or visit her website at www.goodwatergoodlife.com to explore her coaching services and insights on holistic well-being.

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